About Alex Sanson

I am a full time artist particularly focusing on installations for arts and other cultural festivals.

I’m particularly passionate about large scale outdoor kinetic sculpture designed to sit comfortably in the midst of big crowds, with the intention of inspiring moments of tranquillity, contemplation or euphoria.

I have installed such works at numerous events including White Night Melbourne, WOMAD, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Earthdance International Peace Festival, Rainbow Serpent Music and Arts Festival, and Stringybark Sustainability Festival.

While pleasing in daylight and not in motion, these works are usually designed to come alive at night under lights, are sometimes interactive, often kinetic and above all are intended to impart a sense of wonder and delight.

By their nature, they have wide appeal. Besides their immediate visual attractiveness, people are drawn in by the motion, the mechanics, the interactivity or sometimes simply the play.

Some then take the time to explore the deeper levels of inspiration behind the creation of these sculptures.

My primary ongoing inspiration is the relationships amon massed entities, be they schools of fish, people in a crowd, elestial bodies or a flock of birds.

My work usually features a number of similar elements that move in relationship with each other, to reveal the beauty of motion that lies somewhere between pattern and chaos, especially as those discrete elements cohere to create a greater whole.