Pyrenees Art and Culture Trail

We are working closely with Shire Council, local artists, community arts and recreational groups on a visionary sculpture trail project. Kinetic new work ‘Cradle’ sets the tone to develop new art across the region. Part of the creation of the new work invites community groups to participate in building the ‘people’ figures who represent the villages of the shire, while ensuring quality control of the artwork outcome. This brings diverse local interest groups together to work collectively toward a common project goal and to increase the tourism economy of the region

The forthcoming Beaufort Western Highway bypass will remove traffic from the centre of Beaufort, including valuable tourists. The Sculpture Park project positions Beaufort as the gateway to this unique beautiful region. The workshops bring the community together to stimulate creative thinking, and supports the recognition of their identity as an ‘arty town’. The apprenticeship program will mentor a selection of youth in the process of professional public art concept development, fabrication and installation. Ultimately the project promotes the delights of the Pyrenees environment, new technologies, and celebrates the transformation of a desolate block to the beginning of a new vibrant arts precinct.