Online Master Class series to strengthen arts sector

As part our Artist in Residence Program we are creating an Online Masterclass Series on kinetic sculpture to support and strengthen the local arts sector. Following the creative process of Alex Sanson AKA Metaform, a series of five classes that cover various aspects...

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Embracing arts in country Victoria

“Country towns are realising their most compelling assets are their own stories and art is the best way to tell them, while bringing in tourists and strengthening local economies.” – ABC Central West Victoria The Rainbow Arts and Culture Foundation recognises art as a...

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Pick My World Class Kinetic Sculpture Project

World Class Kinetic Sculpture Cradle will put the Pyrenees on the map and leads the long term development of a Sculpture Trail across the region. Our innovative creative concept, which brings communities together to create some of the art, is part of the  Pick My...

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