Artist in Residence

Our Artist in Residence Program supports professional development and creative skills training, building a self-sufficient  arts industry.  World-class artists in their field are invited  to share their knowledge in a free online Master Class series and through a regional Arts Apprentice mentoring program. A new work will be presented by the artist at Rainbow Serpent Festival.

We are privileged to have Alex Sanson aka Metaform as our inaugural Artist in Residence. Alex is one of the premier metal sculpture artists in the world, known for his breathtaking work in the Kinetic genre.

Kinetic Art contains motion perceptible to the viewer, or relies on motion for effects, creating a highly sensory and interactive experience. The birth of the movement can be traced right back to Impressionism, but Alex Calder’s experimentation with mobiles was the birth of kinetic sculpture as an art form in its own right. The combination of mechanics, physics and materials create the alchemy, the magic that produces the hypnotic effect.