Our Values and Visions

Our Values

  • Freedom – to create, seek, explore, question, confront
  • Innovation – groundbreaking concepts, push new frontiers, utilise new technology
  • Community Building – inspire, engage, connect, educate
  • Integrity– socially just, environmentally sustainable, economically responsible

Our Vision

We believe art can drive social change through creative programs that:

  • Expand community creative horizons through provision of creative platforms that promote all expressions of all contemporary and Indigenous arts and culture;
  • Encourage young emerging artists, and development of artistic ideas that can be presented in outdoor settings and natural environments;
  • Collaborate with, support and promote Australian Indigenous artists, arts and culture;
  • Provide opportunities for the community to connect and grow through participation in creative and cultural activities, programs and workshops;
  • Create a community of interest through collaborative partnerships with local, regional, national and international artists and organisations that are determined by an alignment of core values and purpose;
  • Through the promotion of the arts raise general awareness of the environment and promote improvement in sustainable innovative practices.