Our Artist in Residence Alex Sanson (Metaform) will be presenting his masterclass in kinetics at a workshop in Rainbow Serpent Festival 2019.

What: New Work and Masterclass Series Launch

Presentation Overview – 3 parts

1. Presentation on the design process, innovation and technology behind the unique wind driven kinetic work ‘Cradle’ by RACF through our Artist in Residence Program.

2. Launch of the new online Masterclass Series ‘ Kinetic Sculpture’. The process of Cradle design has been documented to produce a 5 part video masterclass series aimed to strengthen the creative sector by providing access to free arts education. The series will be available for free on the Rainbow Arts and Culture website on a specifically developed online education platform. The first masterclass video will be premiered, as well showcasing the online platform functionality.

3. Masterclass Session. Mirroring the interactive online education platform, participants can engage with Alex in real time and participate in Masterclass #1 Planning